"Urban meal mine": l'Atelier shortlisted


The International Architecture Competition was launched by Unfuze/Uni platform and it's called urban meal mine. Urban meal mine is a place where people can generate/create/learn/contribute to grow food for their city. This is usually located in the heart of the city where skilled labour + abundant transport + short distance logistics + faster production technologies can break even revenue over the high cost land it occupies. The design challenge here is to bring farming to the city where people can see, participate, indulge and involve themselves in understanding how the food they eat is actually made. This is not just a plan to make people aware but a place where they can learn to contribute to the food cycle, consume responsibly and create a more sustainable ecosystem for the rampantly growing cities. The space has to be in the core city, which implies being a revenue oriented The business and has to leverage pro?ts by inducing modern equipment and machinery at the same time, has to be permeable enough to involve enthusiastic urban population. Challenge The challenge is to design a place where skills and crafts related to food which were once handed down through generations, can be created again. An intervention which lets people learn how to prepare and grow their own meals effortlessly, using technologies of today; learn setting up makeshift food preparation supply systems on an event of disaster; learn plugin farming through workshops which can enable them to cultivate hassle free at their own homes and get packed seeds/manure kits in the designed area. And there can be different mediums to explore farming in an urban context. The conceptual proposal of l'Atelier's team called urban exchange meal was shortlisted, the result of which was announced on 01 January 2019.